Kanji for various animals. Some are covered in the posts as well. At some point I’ll get them sorted by radical. It’s too late to worry about that at the moment.

Cat – ねこ


Radical: dog 犭

Not sure how much help that radical is going to be, but the kanji does look a bit like a cat. I tried to make up a story about a cat in a rice field, but can’t find the radical that makes up the top right of the kanji. My book suggests that’s a variant of folded hands. So dog, folded hands, rice field. Again, seriously questioning the wisdom of figuring out kanji by their pieces. That said, it’s still easier to memorize 3 pieces than 11 strokes, so I need to suck it up and make something up.

Memorization trick: Head, body, and tail of a cat. Head has two ears and long whiskers. The cat’s name is Rice Patty and there’s a dog chasing it.

Bird – とり


Radical: bird 鳥

Memorization trick: It’s a bird sitting on a nest, rooster or cockatoo, something that has feathers on top of its head. Incomplete kanji for eye because it’s a side view, with a long stroke for the beak. Then the wing folds down and it’s either feathers or the eggs.

I may add some additional animals to this post when I get to them in the app. If you have any other stories or memorization tricks, let me know in the comments.

Fish – さかな


Radical: fish 魚

Memorization trick: This one is actually pretty easy if you look at it. Head, body, fins. I’ve been getting it right pretty consistently.