Silky Cow’s Milk



Cow’s Milk – ぎゅうにゅう

gyuunyuu-cow milk


Radicals: cow 牛, second 乛 (乙, ⺄, 乚)

I’ve already learned the kanjji for cow from the radicals. The second kanji is made with claw 爪 (爫) + child, seed 子 + second (乚). The second kanji by itself means milk or breasts. The right side looks like an utter to me, probably because I learned it following cow rather than anything to do with a person. When you add the left side though, you have a child clawing a breast for milk. Just need to make sure to remember to slant the line on child. Gotta say, that’s so much easier than trying to remember eight seemingly random strokes.

To Finish, To End, To Close – おわる

owaru-finish, end, close

Radical: silk 糸

I thought the left half looked familiar, but it wasn’t until I looked up the radical that I recognized it from 絵. Silk winter… silk winter… not sure how to make that into “finish, end, close.”


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