Expensive Outside Pictures

This post covers the radical for winter (text only),

I reviewed some of the kanji in the index. Technically, I missed 降る (precipitation) but I remembered all of the pieces, I just missed a stroke in the radical for winter 冬 (夂). There’s not much I can say to remember this one since it’s essentially it’s own radical, just sometimes has ice under it.

Picture, Drawing, Sketch – え

e-picture, sketchRadical: silk 糸

Parts silk 糸 + meet 会う / meeting 会

I went to an antique mall yesterday. There were some beautiful Japanese embroidery on silk pictures. As long as I can remember that image for the kanji instead of an empty picture frame, I think I have a better shot. Remembering silk might be a little hard. The top left is short thread radical (no. 52) 幺 which actually makes sense. I’d never looked up what that radical is though I’ve seen it in a number of kanji.

Memorization trick: Japanese pictures are made when small stitches of short thread meet silk backdrops.

Tall, Expensive – たかい

takai-high tall expensive

Radical: tall 高

This is another one where the kanji is the same as the radical. This memorization trick won’t cover everything, but it’ll help. There’s got to be a way to work in “open country 冂” later.

Memorization trick: Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Put a lid on it, that’s expensive.

Outside, Exterior – そと


Radical: evening, sunset 夕

So for this one, I keep trying to write it as the katagana for ne and to, mostly because I mix up the katagana for ne and so. There’s no quick way for me to copy-paste those so, please forgive. I know the pronunciation is そと which is why I keep trying to write it like that. Anything about tato that would make sense?




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