Time After Time


So I don’t know how your studies are going, but I’ve realized one thing about study apps and tapes. They all suggest there’s a magic number of study time that will teach you a language. Not so much. As beneficial as it is to have a 10 min. goal, any amount of study time is irrelevant if I’m not retaining anything studied during those minutes. I still love kanjisenpai, but instead of taking screenshots during the 10 mins. and then detailing out everything I missed, I’m going to screenshot and write out misses one at a time. No more than two or three per day. If I go over 10 mins. awesome! It means I’m doing well. If I go under, then at least I’ll bee making long term memories.

Walk – あるく


Radical: stop 止

Parts: stop 止 + small, insignificant 小 + ノ

According to jisho.org, the bottom of this character is small 小 with an extra stroke rather than few 少. Since two parts is easier to remember than three, we’re ignoring that part.

For the memorization trick, I love 5Ks. When I try to jog them though my ankles or knees hurt. Apparently I have the body of someone thrice my age. Anyway, this one time I was running with my dog, who pulled and pulled. We were flying down the route. I had to lean back at an angle to take smaller steps. I guess technically that’s more steps per distance when walking vs. running, but that’s my most vivid memory of actually wanting to stop and walk. On second thought, maybe small does make more sense.

Memorization trick: “Puppy! Stop! Walk and take smaller steps before my feet sweep out from under me.”

Evening – よる


Radical: evening, sunset

Unofficially, the parts of this kanji are lid 亠, human 亻, evening 夕, extra dash.

It’s super late here. The best I can do is people put a lid on the evening. There’s no way I’m remembering that, so if you have any suggestions, I’ve love to hear them.

Until tomorrow, お休みなさい.


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