Rice Paddy, I Wanna Be Famous

Okay, so for some reason kanjisenpai is no longer allowing me to see the character to trace during the learning phase. Either that or it decided that I should know these characters by now. *shifty eyes* I’ve taken screenshots of what it looks like after I click the question mark and have the app draw the kanji for me. It’ll look a little different than the graphics I’ve been posting so far.

This post gives memorization tricks for famous, morning, to hold up, to run, cat, understand, narrow

I forgot that I’d already written about narrow. I think I’m spreading myself too thin by writing about every kanji I miss over the 10 minute study session. I’ll do a better job detailing out no more than three a day and reviewing those before I start the study period. Since I figured this out toward the end of the post, this one will be the last with more than three kanji.

Famous – ゆうめい


Radicals: moon, month 月 and mouth, opening 口

Parts: 有 means “to possess, have, exist, happen, occur, approx.” It starts with a diagonal stroke, then a horizontal line, then the radical for month or moon. The first two strokes really don’t mean anything, but they are the first two strokes in 右 (right) and 左 (left). 名 means “name, noted, distinguished, reputation.” It’s made up of evening 夕 and 口 mouth. So “famous” is made up of the characters for “possess reputation.”That makes me think more of a famous senator or politician rather than the Spice Girls’ “I wanna be famous” song lyrics.

Is it just me or is anyone else thinking something dirty with the connotation “night mouth” for 名 especially when you add it the meanings and get “noted reputation for night mouth.” Yeah, I know it’s inappropriate, but if it helps you remember, you don’t have to say it out loud.

Memorization trick: People become famous by using their mouths at night by the rays of the moon.

Morning – あさ


Radical: moon, month 月

Parts: ten, complete 十 + sun, day 日 + ten, complete 十 + moon, month 月

The left side looks like the sun being pulled and pushed up over the horizon. It’s the same as 車 (car) except that the vertical line doesn’t go through. Oh! I know…

Memorization trick: In the morning, the sun waves sparklers (top and bottom third of the left side) at the moon.

To hold up, put up, raise (an umbrella) – さす

sasu-to hold up

Radical: work 工

Parts: sheep 羊 + horizontal line + diagonal line + work 工. Or if you use a different subset, king 王 + two strokes for the crown, a diagonal stroke, and work.

Really not sure how the parts help with this memorization. There’s some connection with work/effort to hold something up.

I’ll leave this one open to suggestions and come back to it later.

To run – はしる

hashiru-to run

Radical: run 走

Well this is another kanji that is it’s own radical so that’s not much help. However, I’ve gotten pretty good at remembering the kanji for foot (足). You run with your feet, and only the top is different, so that’s helpful.

Memorization trick: Run a 10K with your feet.

Cat – ねこ


Radical: dog 犭

You may recognize this image. It’s obvious I’ve covered it before because it’s grey and not green. (Side note: I just remembered the kanji for green! 青い)

To my surprise, I do remember the radical for dog. Actually, that was the only part I got right. I wrote the top right corner for 供 (child) instead of grass, or the eyes and whiskers which was the original memorization trick. I remembered that rice paddy had something to do with it, but I totally blanked on the bottom right, so that wasn’t helpful.

My cat is wildly misnamed. Maybe I should nickname her Rice Paddy as part of my studies. It would make for a good story. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with the memorization trick. Sure… I didn’t remember it, but I don’t have anything better at the moment. Renaming my cat should help.

Memorization trick: Head, body, and tail of a cat. Head has two ears and long whiskers. The cat’s name is Rice Paddy and there’s a dog chasing it.

Understand – わかる


Radical: sword 刀

Memorization trick: Understanding is mightier than the sword.

Narrow – せまい


Radical: dog 犭

When I recognized the radical for dog, I thought of a narrow dog kennel. I looked up the parts and the right half is large 大. This may not work out in other scenarios, but it looks like big is being chopped up into narrow sections.

I do need to note that I changed four to three because there’s three lines for four compartments.

Memorization trick: dog kennels are narrow when large cages are divided by three sectionals.


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