Revisiting A Fast Cold Last Year

I’ve neglected my studies for over a week. 😦 As with anything, I’ve lost some of my vocabulary. Excuse me while I scream into a pillow. In this post, I’m reviewing some kanji I missed during my 10 min. of kanjisenpai.

Last Year – きょねん

kyonen-last year

radicals: private 厶, pestle 干

I know the second character from school but the first one messes me up because it’s not the character for previous (先). The first character is the kanji for “gone, past, quit, leave, elapse, eliminate, divorce.”

Memorization trick: Divorce yourself from last year to keep the past in the past.

Memorization trick for divorce: private ground (a line in the sand)

Fast – はやい


Radical: walk ⻌

Parts: tree 木 + mouth 口 + walk ⻌

I’m not much of a nature person. Give me big cities over scenery any day. This memorization trick may not work for everyone, so if you have any suggestions, leave it in the comments.

Memorization trick: Fast! Walk away from trees and cave mouths.

Pond – いけ


Radical: water 氵

I used to remember this one because it looks like a koi swimming in a pond. I only missed the one vertical line this time, so I essentially missed the fin. I think I can remember it from that.

Memorization trick: A koi making a splash in a pond.

Tea – おちゃ


Radical: grass 艹

I got the bottom portion correct, but connected the top two lines to the horizontal line instead of having them cross through.

Memorization trick: Drop the grass into the tea house.

Black – くろい


Radical: black 黑

It’s interesting that the radical is a little different than the kanji. Seems like the best way to memorize colors is just repetition repetition repetition.

Memorization trick: Sparks fly when there’s a blackout in the village.

That’s it for tonight. I didn’t get through everything I wanted to, but if I don’t get some sleep, it won’t matter because it won’t stick in my brain anyway.


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