Post Review Mistakes – Dangerous Autumn Street

I’m in a good place on kanjisenpai, but when reviewing the kanji I’ve detailed out on the blog (quizzing myself from the index page), I missed a curl here or an extra line there. This post is going to repeat the radicals and initial memorization with extended tricks for the specific areas I’ve gotten wrong.

Dangerous – あぶない


Radical: kneel 卩

Problem: I missed the little jump at the end. I remembered that the radical for this kanji is kneel, but since missing the jump have decided I need to add something about curling into the fetal position at a sign of danger.

Memorization trick: Some people embrace danger; others kneel and curl up in the face of it.

Fall – あき


Radical: grain 禾

Problem: I keep drawing two lines at the bottom instead of three (夭) which is apparently the kanji for early death or calamity.  I think knowing that alone will stick in my brain to use the straight line from the top instead of curving it. If it doesn’t, I also have the memorization trick that grain needs a straight connection to the ground.

Street, road, route, lane – みち


Radical: walk 辵 (⻌)

Problem: I didn’t remember writing this one up, so I didn’t remember the memorization trick. Even if you’d told me, “To clear your head, walk down the street,” I would not remember the radical for head. I don’t want to break it down past the radical, Any ideas? The obvious solution is to just suck it up and rote-memorize the radical since memorizing two parts is still better than 12 separate strokes. The obvious problem with that is that some of the kanji I’m missing now that I’m 300 in are ones I memorized without tricks and have now forgotten.

Parts: walk ⻌ + head 首

Original memorization trick: to clear your headwalk down the street.

I’m trying to attach a memory to 首, or an emotion.  One of my friends has severe headaches because of her spine. I realize the base of head is eye 目 instead of spine 背 but visually, it looks like vertebra.  There’s the neck connecting the back to the head and, morbid as this is, there’s the exploding head. It’s a headache, it’s painful. Which is why you need to take a walk to clear your head.

New memorization trick: My head is exploding from the crink in my spine. I need to take a walk to clear the headache.

There’s some more I missed, but these are taking quite a bit longer than the original write ups. If there’s a kanji you’re wanting help learning, let me know in the comments.


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