After Tomorrow, Sell Sometimes

This post covers to sell, sometimes, tomorrow, and after.

Sell – うる


Radical: scholar 士

Like 声 (voice), the radical is scholar/bachelor, which has a shorter base than top line.

Parts: scholar 士 + cover 冖 + legs 儿

I’ve memorized this one before, but missed it on the last round of review. It’s having trouble sticking in my brain instead of just remembering the strokes.

The bottom half looks like the top half of window, except that it doesn’t have the extra line at the top for the radical cave 穴. Shops have windows. Actually, the way I remember the kanji for shop n. 店 is an open sign in the window. So I need a story for sell, window, and scholar.

I actually have a somewhat vivid memory of standing in the college bookstore trying to sell back my books. As I scholar, I look through the window of the bookstore to see if I can sell my books.

Sometimes – ときどき


Radicals: sun 日, repetition of kanji 々

The first kanji is time. 98% of the time, I can write the full kanji. The second character is interesting. only lists it as a “repetition of kanji, sometimes voiced.”Time is part of the word “sometimes” and I keep thinking of this kanji as the sum or time (time x 2) or an abstract period of time. Sometimes is more than once. It’s time and time again. On and off. The second character is also part of the kanji 冷 (cold). For that kanji, I remember it as a scarf protecting a person against ice.

Memorization trick: Time and time again, I sometimes wear a scarf.

Tomorrow – あした


Radical: sun, day 日 and sun, day 日

Memorization trick: tomorrow is a bright day.

After, later – あと

ato-after, later

Radical: step 彳

This is interesting. I thought the radical would have been person 亻and then I would have made something up to remember the extra stroke above person.

Parts: step 彳+ tiny 幺 + go 夂

What’s the difference between the radicals for go 夂 and winter 冬? Turns out “winter” is not a radical though I keep thinking it is. The radical for winter is go 夂. (*fast forward 15 mins*) Looking at the page again, it looks like winter and go are the same radical (no. 34). Maybe it depends on the context which meaning to use in the memorization.

How does taking tiny steps translate to after/later?

Memorization trick: After I take tiny steps, I go ice my feet.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I have terrible feet. It’s incredibly painful though not tiny steps specifically. This story may not work for you, so if you have another story, please let me know in the comments.


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