Cold Fall Tea, Narrow


Tea – おちゃ


Radical: grass 艹

Parts: grass 艹 + line 个 + tree 木

Memorization trick: tea is made of leaves, not grass per se, but let’s face it, some of them taste like it. The bottom half looks like a house shaped diffuser.

Cold – つめたい


Radical: ice 冫

So the typed version and the strokes look a bit different. The bottom most part is kneel 卩, but looks like a katakana ma マ. I’ve been staring at it for several minutes and can’t figure out a memorization trick. I know the ice radical because I associate it with the water radical. One of the things you’re supposed to do to keep the kanji memorized long term is to associate the kanji with a memory. I hate cold. I shrivel up and wear layers upon layers of clothes. With this in mind, the top two strokes become a hat. The middle line becomes a face, and the マ becomes a scarf.

Memorization trick: Icy wind against a bundled face.

Narrow – せまい


Radical: dog 犭

When I recognized the radical for dog, I thought of a narrow dog kennel. I looked up the parts and the right half is large 大. This may not work out in other scenarios, but it looks like big is being chopped up into narrow sections.

Memorization trick: dog kennels are narrow when large cages are divided by four sectionals.

Fall – あき


Radical: grain 禾

I finally learned what this radical is! I completely thought that the radical for this would be fire 火. Trees change color like fire rushing through the forest.

Memorization trick: Grain is harvested in the fall when the leaves change to the colors of fire.


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