Push, Writing, Precipitate

Just a couple more I’m having trouble learning. Push/press/stamp,

Push, press, stamp – おす


Radical: hand 扌

Memorization trick: press the stamp down with your hand.

Writing n. (an essay, prose) – さくぶん


Radicals: man 亻, script 文

The first kanji is 作る, to make. That one I’ve already learned. The second one is its own radical so that one may just need to be learned through rote memorization. Any tips?

Memorization trick: People make sentences to create writing.

Precipitate (to fall, to rain) – ふる


Radical: mound, dam 阝

Parts: mound, dam 阝, late/delayed/winter 夂,

Variation (right side) 夅 to descend

Memorization trick: A cloud descends in winter.


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