Midnight Randomness

So I don’t have many readers, but this is still turning out to be a great way to self-study. I just have to say, I’m at 50%! I’ve mastered 50% of the kanji for the N5 and am well on my way to being able to take the test in December.

This post covers dangerous, show/display, street/road, to write, heavy.

Dangerous – あぶない

abunai-dangerous, risky

Radical: kneel 卩

Parts: wrap/embrace 勹, cliff 厂, kneel 卩

Memorization trick: some people kneel before danger. Others embrace it and jump off cliffs.

To show, to display – みせる


Radical: see 見

Parts: eye 目+ legs 儿

Somehow I thought the kanji for see was the same as eye. I know the hiragana, みる and みせる, but I need a way to remember that see is more than just an eye.

Memorization trick: The legs want to show something to the eyes.

Street, road, route, lane – みち


Radical: walk 辵 (⻌)

Parts: walk ⻌ + head 首

Memorization trick: to clear your headwalk down the street.

To write – かく


Radical: say 曰

Parts: brush 聿 + say 曰

Memorization trick: brush out what you want to say by writing.

Now I just need to remember the radical for brush. Three bristles, the top one with ink.

Heavy – おもい


Radical: village 里

There’s two strokes over the radical and the line extends to the radical.

Memorization trick: feel the weight of the village on your 2 shoulders, like the women carrying buckets.


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