Every Healthy Cut

This post covers memorization tricks for healthy energy,

I couldn’t remember the first kanji for healthy energy in today’s practice, so I need to do a quick revisit. I think the memorization trick is still good, I just didn’t remember the trick since I ran into the other healthy 丈夫 (じょうぶ) and it threw me off.

Healthy – げんき

Note: exact phrasing in kanjisenpai is health(y)/robust/vigor/energy/vitality


Memorization trick: revising a quote from Legally Blonde, I can picture someone bent over a stationary bike in the first kanji. “Exercise causes endorphins. Endorphins make people [healthy]. [Healthy] people don’t kill their husbands.”

Cut (v) – きる


Radical: knife/sword 刀

Parts: spoon 匕 + knife/sword 刀

Memorization trick: “spoon the pie out, we don’t have a knife.” “But we have a sword to cut with.”

I don’t know guys, I’m tired and just trying to complete my daily journaling.

Every – まいmai-every

Radical: mother/do not 毋

So the irony of this one is that I usually get it correct, but today I mixed it up with mother and tried to use the two dashes in the middle instead of the one vertical line. I also forgot the part at the top.

Honestly, I have no memorization trick for this one. I’d love some suggestions if anyone else is using this method for memorizing kanji. Until Wednesday, お休みなさい.


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