The Vocal Corpse Scholar

This post ended up covering voice, to wash, window, and opposite.

I’ve been struggling for some time to remember the kanji for voice. Somewhere, I read a suggestion to think of it as a picture of a voice box and vocal chords, but I either mess up the top half or forget that extra line in the bottom. Well, I take back everything I poopooed about earlier regarding learning radicals because I don’t think I’ll ever get this new visual out of my head. Ready for this?

Voice – こえ


Radical: scholar, bachelor 士

Note: When I was tracing the kanji in the app, I thought the top was earth, but since diving deeper for this blog, I realized the second line is shorter than the first. If nothing else, this insight alone reinforces that it’s important to learn the radicals.

士 scholar, bachelor; 土 earth

Memorization trick: Talk too much and you die a bachelor.

Somehow I thought the bottom of the kanji was door, but 尸 is the radical for flag, corpse, or remains. That doesn’t give any story for the extra line, but maybe that’s part of the too much? Either way, I will at least remember the proper stroke length for the horizontal lines now.

Wash – あらう


Radical: water 氵

Memorization trick: water + previous, wash what was previously dirty.

Even though 先 is not technically part of the kanji breakdown, for the sake of memorization, it works. Since I struggle a little with 先 vs. 赤, it might make it easier to remember both of these as well.

Window – まど


Radical: cave 穴

Memorization trick: Farmers inside a cave love to watch cows mu out the window.

Opposite – むこう


Radical: mouth 口

I get this one mixed up with 同じ. Since I learned “identical” first, I don’t have a screenshot of it to make this it’s own post. I actually didn’t realize how similar they are. Both are six strokes with mouth as the radical. Both are confined on three sides and both have an extra line. 同じ has an extra horizontal line on the inside and 向こう has the line as a dash outside of the confines.

Memorization trick: To be identical, you fall in line. To be opposite, you step outside the box. To be opposite means adding a little chaos to order.



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