Learning Kanji in 3 Months

I found an article with tips for learning the main 2000 kanji in 3 months. I’ll admit I’m skeptical. I’ve studied Japanese for… 7+ years on and off though high school, college, study abroad, and through smartphone apps. Starting over, not being able to use it frequently, life, etc. has kept me from ever reaching fluency. Writing a blog is supposed to add accountability, so here it goes. I don’t know if this will stick and I don’t know if I’ll know the kanji by the end of this experiment, but I’ll at least give it a shot.

So here’s my SMART goal:

Ok honestly, I’m already rethinking this 3 months thing. At 12 kanji a day, I can learn 2000 kanji in 6 months. With the pace of my life, I think this is a reasonable goal. Since it’s already 11 PM and I told myself I’d be in bed by 10, I’ll count tomorrow was day 1.

Here’s what I’ll do:

10 minutes on kanjisenpai before bed and first thing in the morning. Ugh. Just realized that means getting up earlier. Leave me a comment with ideas for this (coffee is out of the question until after Easter.)

I’ll also take the advice from a different blog and learn my radicals instead of learning the strokes, no matter what kanjisenpai has to say about that. Since I’ve already started making up stories, it shouldn’t be hard to add the emotional triggers. I’ll post my favorite of the day here. At least, that’s the plan.



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